Party Style & Classic Style Tutu Outfits

"Tutu outfits for every little girl's dreams!"

Tutu Sizes:
(see design for pricing)

Newborn-3 month~15" Waist & 6" Long
3-6 month~16" Waist & 7" Long
6-9 month~16" Waist & 7" Long
9-12 month~17" Waist & 8" Long
12-18 months ~17" Waist & 9" Long
24 month/2T~18" Waist & 10" Long
3T~19" Waist & 10" Long
4T & 5T~20" Waist & 11" Long

**All waist are elastic and can be altered. Please notify me of any changes upon ordering.

**ADD sequins or rhinestones to your tutu for ONLY $5.00

Bloomer Sizes:
$8.00 (Plain), $10.00 (includes Ribbon), $15.00 (includes ribbon & embroidering)

Size 1~0-6 months (up to 18 lbs.)
Size 2~6-12 months (up to 22 lbs.)
Size 3~12-18 months (up to 26 lbs.)
Size 4~18-24 months (up to 29 lbs.)
Size 5~3T (up to 34 lbs.)
Size 6~4T (up to 38 lbs.)

** Bloomers can be embroidered with KSU logos, name, initials, or monogram. Please specify when ordering.
**Ribbon may vary on bloomers but will be guaranteed adorable!

Custom Hand Knitted Hats:
Contact Carisa Funk

Hats are uniquely made for each design.
Pick between a material flower or rhinestone brooch.
Material flowers on the hats will coordinate with the outfit and hat.

$16.50 (3-24 months) $18.00 (3T & 4T)

All shirts can be embroidered with KSU logos, name, initials, monogram, and many other cute designs. Please let me know what you are looking for and we can personalize your outfit just for you!

Personalizing can be done. If you don't see it here, just contact me and we will make your little girl's dream come true!


The McGuffin's said...

You did not put that boy in a tutu!! I have a freind who will be calling you re: embroidery. Her name is Jamie Kaus! see ya!

The Funk's said...

Oh...but I did! Guilty! I needed a baby that day and he was it!

Thanks for passing on my info. I appreciate it. Kels